100's of Rings Returned to Owners, over 1,000 FOUND. Lost Diamond Ring Recovery Even in ZERO VISIBILITY Lakes
 100's of Rings Returned to Owners, over 1,000 FOUND.     Lost Diamond Ring Recovery                                                                                                             Even in ZERO                                                                                                                                                                                                                            VISIBILITY Lakes        

Contact Us...Lost Earring Recovery Even in ZERO VISIBILITY

Over 100 Rings Returned to Owners. Over 1000 FOUND. Lost Earring Recovery, Even in ZERO VISIBILITY Lakes!

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38+ Years Experience in the Search and Recovery of Peoples Lost Property.


Over 90% Success Rate. I have recovered Property, that's been gone for OVER 33 YEARS, and am currently Searching for a Ring, that's been lost for OVER 56 YEARS!


"As long as you know the approximate area where you lost your Property, it CAN be found". "The way it works, is once your Property hits the bottom, it almost always STAYS THERE". While "the Tide", and "Currents", may move it...it doesn't go far.


I currently have Jewelry that I've kept for OVER 30 YEARS, in hopes of FINALLY finding the "Rightful Owner".


ADDITIONALLY, for over 35 years, I've been Diving the "Eastern Seaboard", from Maine, to Key Largo, Florida, and up to 400 miles "Inland". I MAY ALREADY HAVE YOUR LOST PROPERTY!


It HAS happened before! "A man at a Campground in Maine hired me to find a False Tooth. One of his two Front Teeth, it had a small Gold Post that plugged into a Jaw Implant. My Detector picked up the tiny piece and  during it's return, he mentioned that his Son lost a Medallion that he'd had Custom Made, that was IDENTICAL to the one he was wearing, but smaller."


I looked at it, and told him: "Come up to my Dive Van. I already have it". (And, I DID). It was returned for free. 


The MAJORITY of people that lose items, on land, and underwater, think that they are lost and gone forever. I've been PROVING that Property CAN be recovered, even in ZERO Visibility, for OVER 38 YEARS.


CALL ME! Consultations are FREE...so..."You have nothing to lose" (sorry about the Pun). 


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Owner: Cory Bond Devereau 

Land and Sea Recovery Services

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York, S.C.
Phone: (803) 242-3571

E-mail: corydevereau@gmail.com

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