1000's of Rings Found. 100's Returned to Owners. Lost Ring Recovery Even in ZERO VISIBILITY Lakes, Rivers and Oceans
  1000's of Rings Found. 100's Returned to Owners.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Lost Ring Recovery                                                                                                                                                                                   Even in                                                                                                                                                                           ZERO VISIBILITY                                                                                                                                                                   Lakes, Rivers and Oceans                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Lost Wedding Ring Recovery Even in ZERO Visibility Lakes.


Lost Ring Lucinda and Marty Lorkowski, with his "Recovered Diamond Encrusted Wedding Ring"

"Had he not found that Ring, I'm sure I would have killed my husband", joked his wife of 6 months, Lucinda. "My life almost ended that day", Marty said...Said Lucinda..."He was worth every penny". (Custom Made Ring has 8 Diamonds "on each edge", instead of the traditional "Surface Mounted Diamonds").

Lost Ring After being in a ZERO Visibility Lake for over a year, these Rings were returned to the Rightful Owner.

"I read about Cory in the Newspaper, and called him, and we went to show him where I'd lost the Rings. I couldn't believed it when Cory called me a couple of weeks later, and told me that he'd found my smaller Ring. Then, a week later, he called me and told me he had "the OTHER ONE"! I told him "I think I'm going to faint". He told me to "Sit down, QUICKLY". "They'd BEEN LOST IN A LAKE FOR OVER A YEAR, and we searched for days, when it first happened, and finally gave up". (Debbie D., last name withheld on request).

Debbie Coleman, on Summer vacation in Maine, at a Family Lake Campground, was Heartbroken when her Necklace broke while horsing around with friends in the Swimming Area.


She'd found the Necklace, but lost the 3 Jewelry pieces that were on it.


"We looked and looked, and it was only waist deep, and the water was clear, but we couldn't find them.


ALL, were Cherished Family Keepsakes. One, a Gold Cross, one, a Gold "Good Journey" Horn, and one, an 18 Gold St. Anthony Medallion.


Devereau said..."These were VERY finely made pieces! Because they were found together in a 2" circle, I guessed that they were lost from 'one persons' broken Necklace."


Though, it COULD happen, it was unlikely that 3 different peoples Property landed in the Lake so close together. "The only logical explanation to why they would be so close together, was that they were lost by the same person, at the same time".


Turns out, the theory was correct.


"I put up a Sign at the Campgrounds Snack Bar, reading..."Found: Gold Cross in Swimming Area". Leaving out the other 2 Items.


I figured that only the Rightful Owner would respond and be able to identify all 3 Items.


Sure enough, the very next day, a girl saw the Sign, and came forward and announced to the Owner of the Campground, that her Best Friend lost them (ALL 3 ITEMS)!




We contacted her on the phone, and the Items were returned.


"Cory did not have to do that. I am Soooo LUCKY!" was her response. (Devereau insists..."I GOT LUCKY TOO. I found HER)!


"It was a good day". "For BOTH of us", Devereau added. 


Says Devereau: "People lose stuff every day. I started a Service to help them. IT WORKS!"


People have told me for DECADES, that "(My) chances of finding something in ZERO Visibility, are "Slim to none"..."Zero to none"..."No way in hell"..."One in a million"..."Never gonna happen"..."When Pigs fly"..."You're dreamin"..."Impossible". 


Well...I've been PROVING them wrong, for 38 YEARS! MY "Techniques" WORK...CONSISTENTLY! And, I have the Clients to prove it. DON'T GIVE UP ON YOUR LOST PROPERTY, UNTIL WE'VE SPOKEN. CALL FOR FREE CONSULTATION.


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