1000's of Rings Found. 100's Returned to Owners. Lost Ring Recovery Even in ZERO VISIBILITY Lakes, Rivers and Oceans
  1000's of Rings Found. 100's Returned to Owners.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Lost Ring Recovery                                                                                                                                                                                   Even in                                                                                                                                                                           ZERO VISIBILITY                                                                                                                                                                   Lakes, Rivers and Oceans                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

                                                           I search for

                              "Treasures of the Heart"


                              (My 38+ YEARS as a LOST PROPERTY RECOVERY DIVER)


Welcome. This Website is for Informational Purposes. For Security Reasons, it has no "click-on", direct email link to me.


To reach me DIRECTLY, call 803-242-3571 or email me at: corydevereau@gmail.com.


Most recent VIDEO, go to "heraldonline.com"...enter "York Diver".


WANTED: DIVERS! Retired Navy SEALs, Special Forces Divers, for Nationwide and Worldwide Operations. Free Training for Amputees, Disabled Veterans...Work In "Zero Gravity Environment". OWN your own Business. (It is not required that you be an advanced Diver to do this. And again, Training is FREE for Veterans). Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I can no longer offer Free training to everyone.


Beginning in May-June 2020, we will be embarking on Tour, from S.C., to Michigan,  Upper New York State, N.H. and Maine, and will then be traveling through Massachusetts, N.J., Long Island, Tennessee, Kentucky, N.C., Georgia, Florida and Alabama, where OVER 70 Clients are anxiously waiting to be reunited with their Lost Property.


Traveling on a "Tour", enables us to be able to "not charge a Client for Mileage to get there", making it even more affordable to recover your Lost Property. (The Mileage Charge is normally $.60 per mile. One way only).


                                         Cerca Trova: Seek and You Shall Find


September 1, 2018. "South Carolina Living Magazine"Article. My Special Thanks to all the people at "South Carolina Living Magazine" for their Professionalism and Quality Journalism, and their help in furthering my Quest to find the Rightful Owners of the Lost UNCLAIMED Property that I've found over the years.


(Of the many Articles that have been published about my Business over the last nearly 4 decades, I've had too many Jobs to list them all. Certified Technician, County Supervisor, Laundry Truck Driver, Waiter at night. "I've worn many Hats". The above Article encompasses a few. Federal Contractor for about 20 years, Subcontractor, before that). Being a Guide wasn't really a "Job". It was just pure fun.


For OVER 38 YEARS, I've offered my Service of "Lost Property Recovery"...Even in Zero Visibility Lakes, Rivers and the Oceans. Keep reading, and find out why.   

"If you've given up hope, you haven't called ME yet". If I do not think that I CAN recover your Lost Property, I WILL NOT TAKE YOUR CASE. And, Consultations are FREE.

Additionally..."IF I CANNOT, ABSOLUTELY, SAVE YOU MONEY, I will not take your Case". I DO NOT charge people $125-$150 per hour, and "randomly" search for your Lost Property

No matter WHERE I go, for $125, you get AT LEAST ONE DAY OF SEARCHING. (in areas close to my Home Base, usually TWO)!


Hello, My name is Cory Devereau. "I'm usually...the Guy you call, when everyone else has failed". (But, if you ALREADY KNOW about me, you call me FIRST).


Welcome to the Oldest, Longest Established, "HONEST + PROVEN", "Lost Property Recovery Service", Available to the Public, in the World. Founded in 1979!


Lost Diamond Rings, Watchs, Keys, Earrings, Fishing Equipment, Lost Boats (**it happens). Whatever you lose..."My Job, is To Reunite You"...AND SAVE YOU MONEY. Decades of PROVEN Cases. I've PERSONALLY returned HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of DOLLARS worth of Rings, and other Personal Property, TO THE RIGHTFUL OWNERS. No matter what it's worth, when I find it, it's ALWAYS RETURNED TO THE RIGHTFUL OWNER.


I don't mean it in a bad way, but Your Property, means nothing "to me" (I have BOXES full of Lost Rings, and other "Unclaimed Finds"). BUT...it means absolutely EVERYTHING, to YOU. And THAT...is why I started this Business. I KNOW HOW IT FEELS! (I lost my Wedding Ring at Stinson Beach, California over 45 years ago).

Read on.

Lost Ring Though I WAS NOT HIRED to find this Diamond Ring, IT WAS RETURNED TO IT'S "RIGHTFUL OWNER".. Actual Value (Retail) OVER $8,600.

It's actually "quite often", that I find "extra Jewelry", while searching a heavily used area. While searching for a Fed-Ex Pilot's Wedding Ring, in the water near a Sandbar, I FOUND 5 WEDDING RINGS. NONE OF THEM WERE HIS. (THEN...comes "the hard part". I try and find the Rightful Owners. "Rather than sell them for Scrap"). The reason I'm so often successful in my Searches, is because of the "Strict Protocol, Procedures, and Scientific Methods" that I Employ, on EACH and EVERY Case"...."They're CONSISTENT", and "THEY WORK"! Having Searched, AND BEEN SUCCESSFUL, after OVER 100 PEOPLE HAVE TRIED... "Say's it all". (I am NOT, the "Average Diver" you might hire to search for your lost Ring). I am a Specialist, and I work in "Zero Visibility".

This Wedding Band was lost off a Dock and recovered 2 months later and returned to the Owner. I recommend that you HAVE YOUR JEWELRY ENGRAVED!

It was a great relief, as the couple had only been married for 3 months.

Engraving is not expensive, and it's worth the effort.


College National Championship Ring, lost while Fishing a small Pond, Jamel Gaines said: "I tossed some Bait to a friend, who was Fishing in another Boat, 15 feet away and the Ring slipped right off." One doesn't get many chances in life TO EARN a Ring like this (the "Super Bowl Ring of Colleges"), so naturally, it's a HUGE LOSS. Sure, you can "buy another one", but it'll never be the same as THE ORIGINAL". Much like "almost all" of the Lost Property I recover for Clients, the "Sentimental Value", far exceeds the "Cost to Replace". 

One Diver, and Owner/Instructor of the local "Scuba Center", who is also a Trusted Associate of mine, looked for this Lost Ring, for over 3 1/2 hours, but could not locate it (Zero Visibility, Private Pond). Due to the "close proximity" Jamel could place me to the Rings "entry point", I located it in 38 minutes. For DECADES, I've PROVEN, that MY Underwater Search TECHNIQUES, WORK.


Lost Ring This Ornate Man's Ring was found during a Search for "someone else's" Wedding Band. I occassionally wear this Ring, in hope that someone "recognizes it", and steers me to the Rightful Owner. ("CURRENTLY SEEKING OWNER").

Over 30 years ago, I found a "United States Air Force Graduation Ring", while Diving in Lake Champlain, Vermont. I wore it, in hopes that someone might recognize it. 2 months later someone did, and remarked..."A friend of mine lost a Ring just like that, down by the Gas Dock on the Lake". I explained to him, that "That's where I found it", and we contacted him, and I returned it to him. I'm hoping the same thing HAPPENS AGAIN, by "wearing THIS Ring". (Worked once). Currently Seeking Owner of this very Ornate Lost Ring (pictured).

(Seeking Owners, as well, of ALL the other Lost Rings, Necklaces, Barcelets, Earrings, and Medallions, that I currently have)...."If it was lost on the Eastern Seaboard, or within a few hundred miles Inland, I MAY ALREADY HAVE YOUR PROPERTY!"...CALL ME!

First, I would like to applaud a relatively new group of people connected to a Website called "Ringfinders". It's a Club basically, of amateur and professional treasure hunter/detectorists, that offer their Skills and Services to help people out.


They have Members in many States that may be able to help. Ringfinders Website is: "ringfinders.com". There is a "Directory" to help you find someone in your area.


A lot of these guys (AND girls!) have been having VERY good success in their Searches. I say: "YAY!" Keep up the good work!


If they have tried, but could not find your Lost Property, please call me. The TECHNIQUES that my Company use, ARE NOT the same as others. Most of them, I either invented or discovered. (I'm working on 3 unsolved ringfinders Cases right now).


When we are underwater, we must, meticulously, electronically scan EVERY single square inch of our Search Area. Miss that one square inch, the Search has a chance to fail.


Our TEAM is hand picked, and TRAINED with the skills necessary to do the job right. My Techniques and Protocol, are the SOLE reason that my Recovery Rate is so high. OVER 90%. 


Additionally, and sadly, I have interviewed over 100 people that say exactly the same thing: "Why do you give it back? I'd keep it!" (OVER! 100 people). We have to face the fact that some people just suck, and it is EXTREMELY easy for an unscrupulous person to take advantage of someone and steal your Property.


I will probably say it again, but in ONE 90 DAY PERIOD I PERSONALLY RECOVERED AND RETURNED OVER 70 DIAMONDS to the Rightful Owners (in 8 Rings, some of the bigger ones are pictured below), about $96,000 worth. So, I think I've earned some "Bragging Rights". Or, I'm the luckiest Diver on the Planet. 


                                  Below, are some of the items and the stories behind them.

Lost Ring I do not seek a "Written Appraisal" (from a Certified Gemologist) for all of the Jewelry that I find, because it's just too expensive. However, this Ring, upon "Verbal Appraisal", would cost the Owner OVER $6,500 TO REPLACE. OWNER OF THIS RING, UNKNOWN.

Lost Diamond Ring Found While Searching for Wedding Band. I FREQUENTLY find "other peoples" Lost Property while on Routine Searches for Clients Lost Property. I have no idea who owns these "extra finds", and am seeking the Rightful Owners. This Diamond Ring HAS INITIALS inside the Band. Similar to one found recently, it helps enormously, if it is Engraved inside the Band, and I recommend that if YOUR Ring is not "Engraved"...HAVE IT DONE!...Do NOT wait! While at this particular location, I also found 3 Wedding bands! NONE have Initials. If you, or someone you know, has lost their Ring, Necklace, Medallion, or other Property, please help me return it to them, by having them CONTACT ME DIRECTLY @ 803-242-3571.

Lost Medallion The Owner of this Medallion hired 5 Divers to search it for 4 or 5 Summers, unsuccessfully. After 3 DAYS of Search Effort...the Owner realized he'd put me in the WRONG LOCATION. Regrouping...I found it in less than an hour. There WAS NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.
Lost Diamond Rings Recovered Over $30,000 worth of Jewelry, once again returned to the rightful owner.

Newspaper excerpt: These Rings were lost in Lake Wylie, S.C., while several women were out for "a day on the Lake".

   When "Debbie" took off her rings to apply Sun Screen, she placed them on the lid of their Cooler, turned around to put on the Sun Screen, and heard her Mother-in-Law ask.."Does anyone else want a drink while I'm in here?" (the Cooler).

   She turned and asked where she'd put her Rings. (Well...the Cooler was on the edge of their Pontoon Boat, and when she opened the lid, she flipped the Rings into the Lake).

   Her reply was..."What Rings?"...(She'd opened the Cooler Lid without looking). The Boat was actually "nose in" to the beach of a small island...the water only 4 feet deep. They looked for hours, on several different ocassions, to no avail, and eventually gave up on ever finding them.

   Then, over a year later, she came across a Newspaper Article about Land and Sea Recovery Services, contacted the owner of the company (Cory Devereau), and took him to the location of the lost Rings. "Two weeks later she had her Rings back"...(See Charlotte (N.C.) WBTV Channel 3 News Video of Rings being returned).

Lost Ring This Ring was originally appraised at OVER $32,000. Again, returned to the rightful owner. To give the Client a "better Deal" I had the Ring "re-appraised", and based my Recovery Fee on a "lower amount".

This beautiful 2.65 Carat Blue Diamond Ring, had been in the family for OVER 50 YEARS, when it was lost, along with 2 OTHER Diamond Rings.

   One of the "other" Rings, was the womans Wedding Ring (with approximately 19 diamonds), and her Grandmothers small Diamond Ring. These items were ALL "totally irreplaceable" ("With almost every single Client I've had", adds Devereau,..."the Sentimental Value was what hurt the most").

   When interviewed for a Newspaper Article, Devereau stated..."That's the reason I started this business (over 30 years ago)", says Devereau. "You just can't replace the feeling of loss, by buying another Ring, because it isn't the same as the one your loved one first put on your finger". 

   "What started from "a dream" and "out of curiosity", "turned into a business".... "I found so many Rings"...(HUNDREDS!). "They meant nothing to me, but I couldn't help but imagine how the owners of the Rings felt when they lost them?"

   "I gave up wearing Rings after losing about the fourth one"....He adds.."Lost MY Wedding Ring at Stinson Beach, in California. Water there is COLD. Shrinks your fingers. I was a little more than knee deep, and was letting the outgoing wave brush through my hands. Felt it slip right off...and watched it get carried away." The Ring was an Antique, of European design. Even had the Family Hallmarks stamped into the inside of the band." "So, I know quite well "how it feels", he adds "Through the markings ("Hallmarks") on the inside of a Ring, or other piece of this type, you can actually "date" older Jewelry and trace it back to the maker."

    "I mean, how do you replace a piece of Jewelry that was made 300 years ago?"

Devereau says: "Call me"!

Lost Wedding Ring Search Yields "Extras". At this location, a total of 18 Cell Phones were found (not all pictured). This Search was performed after 2 Divers, with Metal Detectors, failed to locate a Lost Wedding Band. Passed down from Father to Son, the Ring had enormous sentimental value. After over 15 hours of searching, I found the Ring and returned it, to it's Rightful Owner, Frank Cecere.  He had given up, after the Divers searched on multiple occassions, for hours, with no results. Beneath the "House Key" in photo (near the "coins", just below the Key), note the Gold Earring (or Medallion) that was also found. Owner unknown.

More Jewelry found during routine search. The Gold Necklace is actually a 4 Necklace Set with ONE Clasp. It is STILL UNCLAIMED.

This Bracelet was found while searching for a lost Wedding band. Owner Unknown.

Made in Italy, and .985 fine Silver, it is tarnished black from years underwater.

While it can be polished to shine again, I prefer to leave the "Patina" (black tarnish) on most of the Jewelry I find. I think it's a unique and adds character. Plus, it makes them almost a "one of a kind" item.

The Wedding Band was found and returned to Owner.


This is one of 4 Bracelets found in the same location. An old Swimming Hole. Owner unknown.

Made in India, it is of high quality Silver and Craftsmanship and the little Balls of the Bracelet swivel and move freely.

Very nicely made.


This Silver Bracelet was found while searching for someone else's Lost property. Owner Unknown. It was made in India and depicts Elephants walking in parade, Trunks holding Tails.

Would love to find the Rightful Owner! If anyone out there recognizes this item, please call me!

This, is what I call a "Perk". It's an actual STONE AGE TOOL!

I scooped it up one day at the bottom of a Lake on a Routine Search.

Estimated to be at least 10,000 years old!

This is one item, that I'm not going to have to search for the Original Owner.

It will be donated to the Smithsonian Institute.

A wonderful example of man using early Tools.


This is an "Organism" that I encountered on the bottom of a Lake in S.C..

It's much more firm than a Jellyfish, and i've been told its actually a "Group" of different Organisms living together in a symbiotic relationship, the same as a Jellyfish, but it has not been confirmed.


This is the same Organism. It GROWS!

This Search Grid Pipe, was underwater for only 31 days.

Anyone know what it is?

Another Ring found while on a search for someone else's Lost Property. If you recognized this Ring, please call me!

It is of VERY high quality and I am sure the Rightful Owner would love to get it back.

As stated before, these items are NOT for sale.


I seek the Owners.

Items like this, of course, are the Perks of my Trade.

I don't look for the previous Owners of all the Coins I find.

I'm also a Nusimatist.



I charge a "Service Call Fee"...(the same as a "Retainer"), that "ONLY covers my "Travel, and Air". HOWEVER..."Instead of paying some Diver $150-$250 PER HOUR...Place me "On Retainer" for $125-$200 and I can Dive for A FULL DAY, SAVING YOU A FORTUNE, and I make it AFFORDABLE to attempt to recover your Property". (In an Area LOCAL to me, I can Dive for 2 DAYS for about $125-$200 Dollars). If I do not recover your Lost Ring, or other Property...more often than not, I continue my Search AT MY OWN EXPENSE, and (simply) "enlarge my Search Area". I know of no other Company that operates this way, but what's MOST important to me...is that YOU are re-united with your Lost Ring or other Valuable Property. That's why I started this Business almost 40 years ago.



My (Maximum) "Recovery Fee", is based on 30% of the "Retail Replacement Value" of your Property...OR LESS!


No one EVER pays more, no matter how long, or difficult the Job is, unless YOU...OFFER me more. As was the Case of a Woman in N.C., who offered a $10,000 Reward, for the return of a VERY small (3/8" tall) Gold Cross, with a "tiny Diamond, and a "tiny" Pearl. It's "TOTAL Retail Value", was "LESS THAN $500 (that's Five "Hundred" Dollars)". THAT'S how much "Value" this tiny piece of Jewelry had to Gail Brady. It was a gift from her Mother, and was simply "Irreplaceble: Many times, my Clients give me "Tips" (Gratuities) and pay me MORE than our "Contracted Recovery Fee"...


"Money", and "Value"...are a matter of "Perspective". You pay...for my Honesty, Integrity...and my "willingness to work in some of the absolute worst conditions on the Planet".


MANY Divers have attempted to enter this Profession. Many, with my help. But, when faced with ZERO Visibility, and sometimes treacherous currents and adverse Dive Conditions (Snapping Turtles, Snakes, Sharks, Alligators, and yes, EVEN Crocodiles) once they actually see what's involved...most change their minds.


Finding DIVERS willing to work in "absolute darkness" has been one of my biggest challenges, for over 35 years. It's EASY when you have light. ANY light. But when you have to work in "absolute BLACKNESS", well, most people decide that this Job is not for them.


And, lights DON'T help. No matter how bright, once the silt on the bottom is stirred up, light can NOT penetrate it.


People tell me all the time what a "Cool" Job I have. What most don't know, is that it kinda sucks. The work conditions in most places are COLD, with ZERO VISIBILITY. And you NEVER know when some "Critter" is gonna grab hold of you, because you can't see, and you can't here them coming!


EVERY FBI Special Agent, Private Detective, AND Law Enforcement Agent I've ever met or worked with, told me that I was too CHEAP. They all say I should "charge more". But, it's not all about money. What's most important, is that YOU are reunited with your Lost Property. There are "Treasures of The Heart" that are simply impossible to replace because of their Sentimental Value. I try to keep it affordable.

Below, a tiny Silver Ring found while searching for a Lost Medallion. Owner Unknown.

                             Lost Property Recovery Services IS WHAT I DO.                             Unfortunately, many, many people hire Divers, who CLAIM to be "Experienced", with ZERO Results. Gabrielle, a Woman in Hamburg, Germany, has already SPENT HALF THE COST OF HER (Diamond) RING, by hiring 2 separate "Dive Teams". (One Team, the Local Fire Depts., WITH Metal Detectors. The other, a Team from the Netherlands, again, with Metal Detectors)...WITH ZERO RESULTS, and still does not have her Diamond Ring back, despite knowing EXACTLY where her Ring slipped through a small space between the boards of a Public Dock.  


   EVERYTHING I DO, is based ENTIRELY on PROVEN SCIENCE, PHYSICS, MATHEMATICS, and FLUID DYNAMICS. MANY Divers, have "begun" to Venture into this line of work in the last 8 or 9 years, due to my Website (or their own curiosity). For over 38 years, I've been "Recovering and Returning Peoples Lost Property"...because I know what "Immense Sentimental Value" the items hold, to the "Rightful Owners".              


   It is my "Lifes Goal"...to "re-unite" People with their Lost Property, and I am astonishingly successful at it (and somewhat obsessed). Because, literally...everything that I do...is based on PROVEN Mathematics, Science, Physics, and Fluid Dynamics...IT WORKS!


   I currently have thousands of Items that I've found..."and I don't know who ANY OF IT belongs to". Over the past few decades...people have called me to enlist my Services to recover their Lost Property...and "I ALREADY HAD THEIR PROPERTY"!


   I'm staring at a Diamond Ring right now (January, 2020). It HAS INITIALS inside the Band. Got more just like it (WITH INITIALS). Owners Unknown.

   I AM CURRENTLY SEEKING ALL OWNERS OF THE PROPERTY I'VE FOUND...SO THAT I CAN RETURN IT TO THEM! I've found (literally) "OVER 1000 RINGS", (in addition to Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Medallions, Watches...AND MANY, I CURRENTLY HAVE).


   They mean absolutely NOTHING...to me...but hold CHERISHED MEMORIES to the loved ones that received them from a Family Relative...or as a Gift.

   If "you"...or "someone you know", has lost property that you would like to have back...I URGE you to contact me.


   I've personally recovered a Ring that belonged to a "Great-Great Grandmother"...FOR THE CLIENT, that they NEVER thought they'd see again. Two Divers looked (and failed) on several occassions. I found it, deep in a crack between 2 Granite Boulders, in "Near Zero Visibility", in "Cranberry Lake", in Northwestern N.J. in 1985.


   This particular Ring, was given as a Graduation Present (passed down through the Family)...and was "Irreplacible". (On a side note...this Ring was "the most Intricately Crafted Diamond Ring that I have EVER found for a Client". The "Craftsmanship" was VERY intricate...and it was an HONOR to return it). It held a 1 Carat Diamond.

                      THAT...was OVER 35 YEARS AGO...and "I'm still doin' it".


   One Jewelry Item (a Cross) had been lost for 33 YEARS...(Found while searching for a Gold Signet Ring, that had been lost BY THE SAME PERSON, for 32 Years). It took me less than 3 hours to find it...UNDERWATER.


   I've been PROVING that "it CAN be done"...FOR DECADES! Do NOT give up on your Lost Property...CALL ME. Consultations are free, so basically, "you have nothing to lose".


Copyright owner; Cory Bond Devereau 2008-2017. All Rights Reserved

Call Cory DIRECT @ (803) 242-3571 or email corydevereau@gmail.com for more info about my  "Lost Property Recovery Services"(.org) and "Land and Sea Recovery Services"(.org) Websites...Formerly "Land and Sea Recovery Services.com"  DIVERS NEEDED NATIONWIDE...CALL ME! I have Clients ALL OVER THE WORLD, that I cannot offer Service to, because they are too far away. JOIN MY NETWORK...FREE TRAINING! 


                For latest Photos and Videos...Stay tuned. More coming in July.


   Welcome, again, to Land & Sea Recovery Services . . . .Again, my name is Cory Devereau and I am the Sole Owner of Land and Sea Recovery Services and all of its Copyrights, 2007 to present, a Special Investigator, a Registered Federal Contractor, and an Expert, Nationally CERTIFIED Technician in several Fields, including the Handling, Storage, Installation, and Application of Flammable and Explosive Liquids and Gases. 


 For over 38 years I've done extensive Underwater Search-&-Recovery for Peoples Lost Property as Investigative Operations Underwater and the Saco River Salvage Company, and several years ago changed the name of my Company to it's current, more encompassing title.

   But either way, I'm glad you were able to find my Website, and hope that it contains the information you need to help me...and the Divers I Employ...find your lost valuables.


Note: I am not a Law Enforcement Officer OR a Private Investigator. I deal exclusively with lost or missing property. If you are in need of a Private Investigator, I would be glad to recommend some I've worked with in the past, including a Retired F.B.I. Special Agent.


   With over 38 years of extensive experience in locating all types of Lost Rings, and other Items, on land or under the surface of the water, clearly, my chances of recovering your Lost Property, are FAR better than hiring someone with LESS experience. I may even be able to give the information you need to recover your Lost Property, over the phone, using my "Techniques", at no charge to you at all.


  But first, I must issue this WARNING: Since I ESTABLISHED THIS PROFESSION in 1979, THERE ARE "MANY" COPYCATS. "KNOW WHO YOU HIRE". ASK FOR REFERENCES (And Check Them!). If you hire "the Wrong Person", "You may never see your Property again". For instance...READ BELOW.


CONSUMER WARNING: Security Warning: , a FORMER Associate Diver, and amateur treasure hunter, Andrew T. Sabisch, HAS BEEN FIRED.


He was CLAIMING to be the owner of my Company, and mis-representing himself to my Clients, without my knowledge.


Additionally, he, according to the F.B.I., PIRATED MY .com WEBSITE, which I closed completely. He NO LONGER has ANY connection to my Company. If you have done business with him, claiming to be the owner of "Land and Sea Recovery Services", or ANY "Search and Recovery Company", please contact me, so that I can give you a "Case #", for the F.B.I's "IC3.gov"-Internet Crimes Divisions-Ongoing Case.   


   You are Eligible for Compensation, of up to $50,000 for "Fraud Protection", if a Member of my Company Defrauds OR Deceives you. All "Calls from Clients", MUST be Co-ordinated through the Phone Number Listed On This Website. (I take the SECURITY of my Clients Property, VERY seriously).                          


                                                But most importantly,  

   It is the techniques that I've developed, and the equipment that I've designed, that are EXCLUSIVE to my Company, that make me successful, and I have what many consider (including more than one F.B.I. Special Agent) an "astonishing", PROVEN recovery rate...of over 90%.


   "In my business, nothing is more important than INTEGRITY". If you hire the wrong person, you may never see your Property again. I've probably returned more Jewelry to the Rightful Owners than anyone on the Planet.


   And I don't say that to brag, but, "When you've returned piece, after piece, after piece, of EXTREMELY expensive Jewelry to the owners, Diamond Rings Worth OVER $25,000, OVER $30,000...for 38 years...you develop A REPUTATION, and NOTHING is more important to me". "I've ALREADY GOT bragging rights", adds Devereau. OVER 38 YEARS WORTH!


   When a Special Agent employed with the FBI tells you "That, was brilliant"! (referring to my Search Techniques)...you must be doing something right.

"People lose LOT'S of stuff. Every day". MY JOB, is TO FIND IT.


   A "single key", can cost between $350 to (OVER) $800 to replace!...an "Outboard Motor Cover"...$375 (for a 50 h.p. engine), to over $900 (for a 200 h.p.Motor). I think that's why the they say: "When you buy a Boat, you're actually buying a "Hole in the water, that you pour money into". A lost "Outdrive"...can cost over 9 GRAND!

                                                A brief History

   "I recovered a Key for a fella that he said would have cost him OVER $800 TO REPLACE"!...Client was with his Family at the edge of the Pond behind their house, and his son (a Toddler) was playing with the Keys and accidently tossed them into the Pond. Took about 3 1/2 hours to find it.  


   His Cost...FAR LESS THAN 30%, because he only lived about 8 miles from me...(ACTUAL COST...$125) AND WAS REFERRED by a "Previous Client", that lost his College NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP RING.


   (In "HIS Case"...a Diver looked for the Ring for 3 hours and 40 minutes, gave up...I found it in 40 minutes...BECAUSE MY TECHNIQUES WORK)!

   I, for over 25 years, "charged 1/3 (or less)" than the "Retail Replacement Cost" of an item, saving my Clients close to 70% of the costs to replace the lost property." OR MORE! (Cost lowered to 30% OR LESS, in 2016). 


   However...NOTHING...can replace the "Sentimental Value" attached to these lost items. That's why..."I do what I do"...Plus...I save People a "whole hell of a lot of Money".

   I mean...Would you rather pay 100% of the "Cost to Replace" a lost Ring or other piece of Jewelry...or... SAVE AT LEAST 70%!....AND HAVE THE ORIGINAL BACK? (NOT a hard question to answer).


                                                 Some of my Cases   

      "I've "worked" cases ranging from finding a small Silver Ring, won at a Carnival for a man's Daughter in New Hampshire (lost in a Lake for over 7 years)...to Stolen Jewelry worth over $135,000 (tossed in a Lake full of Water Mocassins in S.C.)...to Murder cases".

   The Police caught a person who burglarized a Lady's house...(selling some of the Jewelry), and he confessed...and added that he got scared, and tossed a lot (over $135,000 worth) of the Jewelry into a Lake.

   The local Police Divers told the woman that they had NO ONE, that would Dive the Lake (a Small Pond), because of the Water Mocassions. Residents there told me: "The Snakes sun themselves daily on peoples Porches, there are so many".


   One couple, in Vermont, returned to the location of their lost Diamond Wedding Ring FOR 7 YEARS! Every Summer, they continued their search. DOZENS of people helped them search. They finally gave up.


   Then, they read about my Business in a local edition of "Vanguard Magazine", and called me. They told me "It's a waste of time, Cory, but when we read about you, we just HAD to call."...I insisted that they take me to the location, on Lake Champlain, to..."At least let me try."

   The Client told me..."I was washing my hair in the Lake, and the Ring slipped off".


   I found the Ring (with 7 "Marquis" Diamonds)...IN LESS THAN 20 MINUTES...while they watched! And LUCK had NOTHING to do with it. It is my "interview process" that led to the quick recovery. (No one asked the "right questions" before their search).


   For instance...if someone loses a Ring while attempting a "back flip"...the Ring may not be where they entered the water...but rather some distance away, having been "flung" off of their finger during their "flip".


   The RIGHT question, would have been..."Were your hands open or closed when you did the back flip?"..(If they were closed...then the Ring would be where they "entered" the water, or somewhere between the "entry point"...and where they "exited" the water...and THAT, makes all the difference in the world (to me).

Lost Medallion Gold Medallion found while searching for Wedding Ring in N.C. Lake...ACTUAL Retail Value over $1260, Scrap Value $80. Again, typical of the Jewelry I find "accidently" while searching for Clients Property. OWNER UNKNOWN.

This, is actually a "Four Necklace Set" (found during Search for a Lost Phone). It is "joined by ONE CLASP". "People often don't actually know WHEN they've "lost something", making it difficult to even begin a Search". The Owner of this Necklace (2015 Retail Value $1,865), can claim this Property, by "simply telling me WHAT is on the Back of Medallion". (If this Necklace was purchased "years ago", it would have cost less, because the cost of Gold was lower). ADDITIONALLY...THERE IS SOMETHING UNIQUE ABOUT THE CLASP (Covered by Business Card for Security Purposes). Only the "Rightful Owner" would know, what this "Unique Feature" is. This Property means "absolutely nothing" to ME. My "Goal", is to return it to the "Rightful Owner". (I don't wear Jewelry, because I kept LOSING IT). However, if you can tell me "what's on the Medallion"...it's probably yours. (No Crank Calls please. It is ILLEGAL to try and "Falsely Claim" someone else's Property). 

Lost Ring If you recognize this Ring, please call me @ 803-242-3571. It is either White Gold or Platinum (not yet tested).

Lost Ring Search (again) yields "extra" Rings, that I WAS NOT hired to find. I don't want them. As matter of fact, I don't want ANY of the "extra Jewelry" that I find (while on Routine Searchs for a Clients lost property). I would rather find the Rightful Owner than "Scrap it", and simply put, I usually double my money by being honest.  A "Jewelry Item", is worth only about 10%-30% (in "material") of it's "Actual Retail Cost". You are paid "by weight " for the Gold or Platinum. (If you sell at a "Pawn Shop" OR at one of those "We will buy your Gold" Shows, you will get LESS. Whereas, the "Owner" has to pay 100% of the "Cost to Replace", if he or she has to "buy a new one". That means that I can save my Clients AT LEAST 70% of the "Replacement Costs", and  THEY GET ORIGINAL BACK! To date (2019)..., only 2 Clients (in 38+ years) have had to actually pay the full 30% "Recovery Fee". Even on a Recovery Operation that involved a search where a 6 foot and 12 Alligator lived, in a Lagoon on Bald Head Island, off the Coast of N.C. And I'm often "Tipped". I would MUCH rather return items to the Original Owners, because the Sentimental Value means far more than the Intrinsic Value, BY FAR.

Lost Medallion .

   Gold Earring, found during Routine Search for a Clients Wedding Ring. Currently seeking Owner. People lose Medallions when their Necklace breaks. I've recovered Necklaces, and the Jewelry attached to them, on FARMS, by re-tracing their steps. If they know the general location of the loss...it CAN be recovered. However (Searchers), don't give up, if you find one, and not the other. Often, they end up in a different spot, because they fall into the wearers shirt, and "fall out of the shirt in different locations".


                                     There are some things that no amount of money can replace.


Lost Man's Wedding Ring with 16 Diamonds Recovered Marty Lorkowski with his Wife, Lucinda, and HIS recovered Wedding Ring (with 8 Diamonds embedded on each side).

Lake Wylie's treasure hunter

Lake Wylie Diver Salvages Ring, Marriage

By Matt Garfield · The Herald
Published 06/25/07 - 12:00 AM

LAKE WYLIE -- The Lake Wylie Diver saved more than a marriage when he popped up to the surface with gold in his hand.

This time, Cory Devereau needed just 14 minutes to retrieve a wedding ring dropped into the lake by accident the night before. Waiting for him was Marty Lorkowski, the husband responsible for the mishap -- and the guy lucky to have survived it.


"Had he not found that ring, I'm sure I would have killed my husband," joked his wife of six months, Lucinda.

"My life almost ended that day," Marty said.


It's a familiar story for Devereau, the stepson of a U.S. Navy diver who has built something of a cottage industry out of retrieving precious items from the lake bottom.

As Marty partied with friends last Saturday night on a dock, the Diamond Ring slipped off his finger and plopped into the murky waters below. "I was fiddling around," he said.


Lucinda had already gone to sleep on the couple's boat, a 27-foot Sundancer parked in a slip nearby at the Commodore Yacht Club. The Lorkowskis, both 32, live in Monroe, N.C., but spend most summer weekends at the lake.

On this night, Marty stayed up late to enjoy a few more beers.


"They say that he dropped right away to his stomach," said Lucinda. "They thought he was being sick."

Actually, Marty reached in vain for the diamond-studded ring he and his wife custom-made a year ago. Friends brought flashlights and a 20-pound magnet. No luck.


Decades of finds

Marty's smartest move was calling Devereau the next morning.


Over decades of diving from New England throughout the Southeast, Devereau, 55, has found rings worth more than $30,000 (Returned to Owner), "American" Silver Coins dating back more than a century and even an old "1986 BMW 318i" submerged in 26 feet of water, catfish swimming inside (Car was stolen 13 years earlier).


(Devereau states: "My "oldest coin found", was a Greek, "Old Style", "Tetradrachm" symbolizing the Goddess Athena, and was minted for only about 31 years, I believe. But it was back in "454 B.C" THAT IT WAS IN CIRCULATION!! Over 2000 years old. Must have been someones souveneir, because there is no proof that the Ancient Romans traveled to North America).                                        

                                                                                                                                                                                                   All he needs is a metal detector and a set of Underwater Headphones that beep when objects are near.

There on the lake floor, 12 feet beneath the dock, Devereau found the ring nestled among a bed of clam shells. He reappeared on the surface to a hero's welcome -- similar to the one he got one month ago when he retrieved ANOTHER Diamond Ring, for ANOTHER Client... ONLY 12 FEET FROM THE SAME SPOT!


The Lorkowskis paid Devereau $100 for his efforts. Said Lucinda: "He was worth every penny."


 Devereau adds: "This Ring was among thousands of small, round "Clamshells"...in a "Zero Viz" Lake". ("Zero Visibility). Client saw it enter the water, and knew EXACTLY where he'd lost it. Took 14 minutes to find...because "MY TECHNIQUES WORK".             


 "Oddly... I'd recovered ANOTHER Diamond Ring (for a Client) 12 FEET from where he'd lost HIS Ring 30 days earlier"!


"They ( both Clients)...saved A LOT of money that day." "I mean THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS...simply by CALLING ME"! They EACH...PAID LESS...THAN 10% of the "Replacement Cost", because the Marina agreed to use "Land and Sea Recovery Services" exclusively for ALL of it's "Diver Needs" (Underwater Boat Inspections, Fouled Propellors, Lost Items).

Pictures of this Gold Graduation Watch, have been Published Nationally in hundreds of Newspapers, and despite contacting the College it represents...no Owner has come forward.


I've had this Watch for over 15 YEARS, and would LOVE to find the Owner. There is no doubt in my mind that it has Sentimental Value to the person who lost it.

"There is a Serial # on the back, but the College doesn't keep individual Records of Ownership, so, it's been kinda' hard to find the Rightful Owner"...


"They don't need the Serial # to claim the Watch"...They KNOW WHERE they lost it (because the Watchband was forcefully broken at the time of the loss), and that's enough.


Devereau notes: "With the exception of 1 or 2 Watches (and I've found over dozens), all of them, had the Watchband attached by only one "pin", with the "other pin", bent, still inside the Band". "The Watches get caught on something, and are pulled hard enough to bend the pin". The wearer usually knows when it happens.


If you own an APPLE WATCH...REPLACE THE WATCHBAND! NOW!!! It is the worst design ever! (I recommend a "Velcro" Band that "goes through" BOTH Watchband "PINS". If one Pin breaks, you still don't lose the watch).


Cory Bond Devereau         

                              First tried SCUBA Diving in the early 1960's (when he was 11 years old).

                              Has completed more than 3,000 dives in sites across the United States

In 1979, founded the Saco River Salvage Company in North Conway, NH that developed the reputation of being able to find and recover a wide range of valuables lost in surrounding lakes, rivers and the ocean

  • Conducted underwater search & recovery work for:

  • Department of Agriculture
  • National Forest Service
  • Weapons used in Crimes
  • North Conway, NH Police Department, and various State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies (East Coast)
  • Private Citizens following burglaries
  • Loon Preservation Society 
  • Featured Nationally and Internationally in, literally, thousands of Newspapers and Magazine Articles over the past 38+ years
  • Extensive experience in the use of metal detection equipment both on land and underwater

  • 100's of Valuable Pieces of Jewelry and other Property, Returned to Clients

  • Additional:

  • Certified Technician-Flammable and Explosive Liquids and Gasses.

  • Heavy and Light Equipment Operator, Trackhoe, Backhoe, Bobcat, Loader, Forklift

  • Nitrox Certified

Below, are a few of the many articles published about my Company, that date back OVER 38 years.

"Early" Newspaper Article about my Business. July 15, 1983. One of many Published Nationally and Internationally

"Early" Newspaper Article about my Business. July15, 1983. One of many, Published Nationally and Internationally, over the last 35 YEARS IN BUSINESS.











Found several Diamond Rings, 2 Ruby Rings, 1 Emerald Ring, a Gold Pocketwatch and much more at this Lake. Was able to return several Items to the Rightful Owners.
























  October 16, 1984



             Maine, 1984.

Ring Lost for 7 YEARS Recovered!

Old Newspaper Article from 1985, with Dive Partner David Blodgett (He's the good lookin' one on the left).

            Old Article of the Original "Saco River Salvage Company" started in N. H. with partner David Blodgett.


Are you the owner or manager of a Marina? If so, you probably have a number of Boat Owners that have reported losing items off the edge of the Docks of your Marina. Or are you looking for Divers to perform routine Boat Maintenance?  Or do you need work done on your Docks and Piers?  Well, the team from Land & Sea Recovery Services can help in all of these cases and more.

 In most Cases, we are capable of performing searches for Lost Items at hours that prevent disrupting your customers. We can perform tasks such as:

  • In-water boat hull cleaning

  • In-water engine component replacement

  • Retrieval of items lost from Boats or Docks

  • Dock maintenance

  • Replacement or repair of cables and pipes on Docks

  • Clear fouled Propellers

  • Underwater videotape Boat inspections . . . even in  zero visibility conditions (using infrared Camera).

  • Underwater videotape Dock inspections...SEE the condition of your Dock before and after repairs made.

NOTE: We will pay a referral fee for anyone that you refer to Land & Sea Recovery Services and we are able to successfully recover their lost items. Not only will your customers be happy to recover their lost item(s) but you can earn some extra income being a "Field Research Agent" for Land & Sea Recovery Services.

To reach the Land & Sea Recovery Services team leader and discuss your specific needs, call Cory DIRECTLY @ (803) 242-3571, or Email: corydevereau@gmail.com. Consultations are free. I may even be able to help you recover your Lost Property by simple phone instructions. 

 (For which there is ABSOLUTELY NO fee).

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